Friday, October 17, 2014

October Ipsy

Ipsy bag is here!! I cannot believe its October already!!
The bag this month is cute. The dark aqua/ turquoise color is good for fall!
From left to right.
  • Jesse's Girl Mineralized baked eye shadow. This eye shadow is pretty big and looks like a full size. However, I don't really wear colors that bright or bold..But I will play with it and see if i can make something out of it.
  • H20+ Face Oasis hydration cream. Like I said before, can't hurt to have more face moisturizer as I will never have to run out and buy more!
  • Starlooks lip gloss. (top) This color is called Guilty Pleasure and its a nice nude-pink pigmented color. I don't like lip gloss because its sticky (but i loved it back in Middle school. i mean, who didn't? :P). But i think I can work with this one. 
  • Ayres Body Butter. yay more lotion/butter!
  • Skyn iceland Mini glacial facial cleansing clothes. I have a whole box of make up remover clothes (a box that I got from Costco, so its like 500 wipes) but i will give this a go too.

Overall, I would like it more if i could've gotten the eyeshadow in another color. I watched some other youtube vlogger and she got a nice purple/pink color. 

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