Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hair &makeup

I am working tonight and I dont know why I didn't stay in bed. Instead, I got up @ 12pm ate good protein breakfast (scramble eggs and turkey bacon) and I went to the gym. Today's workout was chest and tricep and I have to say.. I can barely lift up my arms right now lol.
Anyways, that's not what I was going to talk about. 
I wanna show you what I did to my hair and makeup for work tonight. 
Hair tutorial can be found on pinterest but I'll be nice and post it on here 
 I did it right after I blow dry my hair to almost dry, then I spray some sea salt spray, Big sexy hair texture spray and some regular hair spray.

Not too shabby for the first try. My hair is parted to the right so it was kind of hard for my to style the front but I did it.

On to make up.

I am still trying to figure out how to take pictures of my face to show my make up. I think its the lighting. 
Here's all the make up that I used. I got most of the stuff in my subscription box (Ipsy and whatnot).
Also always make sure to prime your face. I used a lot of moisturizer and even face oil for areas that are really dry. I tried out the City cream eye shadow that I got from my ipsy and I have to say, I really like the cream eyeshadow. I can pack on the color with layers and its super soft. 
What do you think?

Monday, April 28, 2014

Graze snacks!!

Hello All!!!
So in this blog I am going to talk about another monthly, well this one can be weekly or biweekly, subscription. It is called Graze Snacking. You can take a quiz and see what kind of snacks you like or would like to try. So far, I've liked them all. I have changed from biweekly to weekly and comes in 4 different little snacks. There are three different types of boxes.
Nibble box: basically all different kinds of snacks will be in this box for you to try.
Calorie Counter Box: You got this right. anything from 50-150 calories in the snack boxes. Pretty nic.
Boost box: this box comes with 8 snacks rather than 4.
I have the Nibble box because I wanted to try it out originally, I am now thinking maybe Boost box would be better since I snack quite a bit. 

So this is how it looks~
Package tells you what it is!

 This is how it looks like inside! i love the little packaging and pictures that are inside the box.

So I 've got

Hot cross yum. 
(also if you are allergic to certain nuts or whatnot, you can let them know)

 I love bringing these snacks to work because if we get busy, then there's really no time to heat up your food, you just have to nibble on whatever you have. So these are great!!

I think each box is like $9 and free shipping. 
I just want to also have a disclaimer here, I am not advertising these because they paid me. I am doing this out of fun and sharing what I know. Also, I am a blogger. So this is what I do.
If you are interested! click HERE to subscribe and cancel anytime! its super awesome!
and of course, pictures of Issac the cat
lays on the blanket on the couch
I called his name. 
lean in for a kiss! <3
sleepy Issac.

alrighty enough of him lol. 
See yall next time! :)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ipsy-April Review

So before I post pictures of the Ipsy products that I got yesterday, I have to say, USPS lost my package for April. So I was going to received my April Ipsy bag about 2 weeks ago. I kept checking the tracking and it said delivered. So finally I e-mailed Ipsy customer service and they were great and said they would send me another bag. However, it wouldn't be the same products that I was supposed to get because they were limited on the stuff they have in stock. I was fine with it but came to realize that I really was hoping for the products that were in the lost bag..
Anyhow, If you aren't a Ipsy subscriber (Michelle Phan's company), you should! it only costs $10 a month and you get either full sized of deluxe size beauty products/samples! I've learned so much from just getting the bag and see what's out there!
Anyways! here are the stuff that I got..
cute bag. I never use my ipsy bag that came every month on a daily basis. I use them when I go traveling. 

I don't know if its a full size lipgloss but it is a pretty decent size. 
The lipgloss looks red, but when I put it on its actually just clear. kinda of disappointed. 

This may be my FAVORITE product in the bag. It smells so good!! Have you ever had Jasmine green tea? it smells just like that but more floral. Love this.

 This is a gold creamy eyeshadow from City color. Actually kind of like this. I like cream eye shadows because they last a bit longer and you can pack on the color slowly so it doesn't crease on your eyelids. 
you can barely see it from here because I've only used a little bit. But its sheer. 

 i actually really liked this. You don't have to press hard. I literally lightly went over it on the back of my hand. Very smooth. Can't wait to try this one either.

There! now anyone else an Ipsy subscriber? Share your bag!


Friday, April 25, 2014

A day to myself

I did it! I survived another 3 in-a-row night shifts! It was incredibly busy this week with all the deliveries and yesterday morning when I got home I crashed. i slept from 8:30am-5:30pm!!! it was crazy! but I did get my rest. Not only that, I still slept from 12:30am to 7:30 am today! lol I have to say, I am glad I can just sleep anytime, anywhere :P
So today I thought about going to Hot yoga but then I got all these other errands to run, so I decided not to. 

First thing first, today's weather was up to high 70's again!! gotta wear them summer clothes now! 
my outfit!
bandeau under shirt-Francesca's/ dress- Stitch Fix / Belt- Express/ Sandles- Charming Charlies
I love this dress (other than the fact that it's a super v-cut lol) and it has pockets!!

my make up
Chanel foundation/ Makeup forever HD powder/ sephora orange toned corrector/ Maybelline's age rewind concealer/ NYX eyebrown pencil in charcoal/ eye shadows I used my original Naked Palette/ eyeliner sephora brown/ mascara I used Maybelline & Benefits "they are real"
i actually got this makeup look from Here. 
Its from Pinterest and somehow I couldn't get the lighting right but mine is actually a bit lighter than the tutorial pictures. Using it as day time look.

I had lunch by myself in Chipotlet-which I've never done. I've never eaten at a restaurant by myself. it's actually not bad. A little awkward but I would do anything to eat chipotlet! 
 I was going to Tjmaxx and do some sports wear shopping but noted that my 5k Foam fest was moved from tomorrow to September, i cancelled that idea. So I just went and got my nails done! 
I've never been to this place but It is super cool! this pedicure tub has LED lights!!
hehe I thought that was cool.
super pretty colors! Anyways. What did you guys do today??


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Food: Easy Crescent Pepperoni Roll-Ups

So I love making food. Baking, cooking, Crock-pot-ing (if that's cooking), anything. I feel like a woman when I do and I love it when Blake enjoys my cooking because he is a very picky eater. There's a feeling of satisfaction there. :3
So yesterday I decided to follow this pinterest recipe Easy Crescent Pepperoni Roll-ups.
I love Pillsbury anything and they make baking so easy. 
This is how the pin looks like:
I used exactly what it has in the ingredients other than the sauce ( i don't know what that is). I got the butter crescent and it is so good. although sometimes I am not in the mood for pepperoni, so maybe next time I'll stuff something else. 

 Here's how mine look like

Oh! other than eating though, blake and I got pre-approved for a house loan! We have just started to look at houses and gotten an agent. Getting pre-approved obviously is a big step (so says everyone) because it makes things easier. So we have been just saving houses to our "favorites listings" on our profile so we can go check them on one weekend. Really hoping we will have a new house to move into by December! :D

ciao yall!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Couples Massage & Happy Easter

After a long week of work, Blake and I finally have some alone time and went for our first couple massage yesterday. I worked 4 days this week and just felt like I have been to the hospital every single day and I am so tired of going there. But I do have this weekend off and I got this couples massage coupon on Groupon.
The place is like a hole-in-the-wall kind of place. You could tell they were like starting their own business. Anyway, The masseuse I had was pretty good. He really knew what bothered me even though I said I have little stress (what a lie lol!). As soon as he touched me he said, "wow you are so built up from stress. Its ok to let go and cry once in a whlie". Then he went on saying "do you sleep on the left side? and curl up in a ball too? and clench your teeth?".. the answer was "yes, yes, and yes". and he then proceeded to try to break out the knots I have on my left side. Anywho, when I looked over to see how Booboo Bear is doing, he was enjoying his massage and I finally got to relax a little bit. The massages lasted for about an hour and half. We felt relaxed but I still feel the knots. I am sure they are better though.
Yesterday we went to our friend's house for his b-day celebration. I got into makeup and fashion mode, of course. So here's my makeup.

yup, red lips since I haven't been able to wear them since winter. Did my make up with neutral browns. I kinda liked it. 

Here's my outfit idea that I got off pinterest.
 Excuse the mess on the side table there. Was bringing my drink with me lol And the cat haha
Top: Denim Top from ross (like $10 or something)
Bottom: Yellow Jeans from Francesca's (got them BOGO)
Shoes: I am not sure, I think the clearance rack from DSW. ($25~)
Accessory: white flower necklace from Forever 21 ($10)
 My baby <3

Anyways, hope you all had a great Easter! Praise the Lord! :D

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Origin GinZing & High Potency- Night-a Mins

So couple of days earlier I posted about this great deal from Origins that they will give you a sample of High Potency Night-a-Mins cream with any $30 purchase and free shipping. I got them yesterday (super fast shipping). 
Here's how they look like

Now, the $30 product that I purchased is the orange one.. It's super tiny and I do think it is a little pricy. The sample product is bigger than the one I had to purchase. The Origins Make a Difference Plus + cream is a sample that you can choose when you check out.

I used both products already. The night cream I used last night and I have to say it is awesome. I used Clinique's moisturizer for years and this will probably be replacing that soon. It stayed moisturized and easily absorbed. You know how sometimes when you put a cream on your face and it didn't feel like it did anything. I thought this was pretty awesome.

This morning I used the GinZing product and so far, not bad. But I think i'll have to use it for a week to see because it is a eye cream for puffy/ dark circle eyes.

Anyone else purchased origins products? Or do you suggest any other creams that I should try?