Monday, July 28, 2014

Ebates shopping rebates!

Finally gone through the weekend working and not as tired and I thought I would be. Maybe because we had an easy Saturday night but last night's patient was interesting. Anyways, So I've been seeing this website called EBates on TV and whatnot. I have actually used it a couple of years before and forgot about it. What it is is that you go to that website, it's linked to like over 1200 stores and they get paid to have the stores on their website and advertisement. But because they want to make money and attract more customers (per my theory lol) they want to give certain percentage back to the customers as they shop. And its not just like 1% cash back, its like 5%, 8%, and whatnot. Its pretty awesome. I shopped through Ebates and bought some stuff from ulta and E.L.F and I already have about $3 sitting in my eBates account. (I didn't spend that much money but it was like 5% cash back, pretty awesome). 

However, you don't get to have the cash right away, I think what they do is that they will do it quarterly? This may be one inconvenience that people won't like, but I think i'll be ok when at the end of the quarter I'll see a bigger amount of money that I am getting back. Pretty neat.

They also will show you for each store that you click on, what coupons that they currently have and stuff. I really like it if you are a busy person and won't have time to go shopping, or just purely lazy like me. Its an easy way to get some money back and you are shopping like you normally would. yea? :D

CLICK HERE for Ebate's website!! :D i hope y'all enjoy!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Labor and Delivery nursing

So ever since Blake came back from chicago he's been sick. He said people were coughing on the plane and such..plane ride could be such a killer sometimes. So of course he tries not to kiss me when hes sick but i do anyways, and guess what, now i am sick. Started with itchy throat on monday night at work, then yesterday after I woke up my throat hurt so bad I almost wanted to throw up. I was also on call last night with the hope that I don't get called in, and i didn't *phew*. 
I am most likely will not have anything interesting to write this week because of my sick bones lol. But i do want to share some funny stuff that I found on tumbler about Labor and delivery nursing ~enjoy!

When my patient delivers after one push.

When my patient states she 10/10 pain but she’s talking on the phone.

When my multip is complete and asks for an epidural.

I’m like:

I’m like:

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lazy Sunday-Wedding

So I am off today and met up with two of my girlfriends to catch up and to give each of them their "Be my bridesmaid?" Box! They both were so excited and said yes!!! I am so relieved and finally can cross that off of my to do list!! Now that bridesmaids are done, we also started writing wedding guest list. According to "The Knot Wedding planning" binder that I have, its good to have guest list ready so when you book your venue for reception/ceremony it'll be easier. I still have to ask my parents who they want to invite and such. 

Anyways, so yesterday our friends and us went to the Vortex in Midtown, Atlanta to have dinner and the Laughing Skull Lounge for a comedy show after the dinner. It was for a friend's birthday. I have to say, it was super fun and a great idea to spend a birthday! The comedian was awesome ( I forgot his name) but he worked at comedy central for years and he's funny.

 my outfit. Yellow chiffon blouse from Stitch Fix and just a pair of jean since it was a casual dinner. :D 
Make up was neutral brown smoky eye and my Kate Moss lipstick! <3

Thursday, July 17, 2014

July Ipsy and Birchbox!

Blog update! yay! So this month I got my Ipsy bag and Birchbox at the same time. Funny thing is I cancelled my Birchbox for this month but they sent one to me saying that I had enough points for a free box. Weird thing is... I never purchased any products. But no complains! :P

Ipsy Bag!
Model's Own nail polish- I dont think I like the color at all. It kind of looks like hot sauce lol. I may or may not try it. But it is a full size item so that's a win!

Marrakesh Ends-Argan & Hemp oil therapy- This is pretty cool. it says you can use it on dry or wet hair and rub it onto the ends of your hair. I should try this next time I wash my hair. I have some split ends but good thing they are mostly gone now. I am always up for a hair product!

Pure color- 5 in one BB cream=- It says it matches all these tones. BB cream is awesome but it depends on the brand. It doesn't provide that much coverage but I am willing to try it. Since I am so tanned now, I want to see if it'll still match my skin color! This will be another blog post. 

Pur-lissed daily broad spectrum lotion sunscreen. I have gotten this product in every single Birchbox..and now I am getting it from Ipsy too. Not that I don't like the product, but I do want to try different things. On the up side, it is a travel size instead of the mini trial size that BirchBox gives.

Tints & Sass- tinted lip stain and blush. I tried this last night going to work. I had to dab some out because it was red. But I really like this almost more than the one from Benefit. The color is bright so if I want to try as blush it'll have to be built up slwoly. 

Real chemistry Facial peel- I think the only peel I've gotten is the ones I got from Walmart so I am excited to try this!

Imperial Gardenia- This perfume smells sooo goood!!! Its soft and floral and just overall a very pleasant smell. (i really don't know how to describe a smell, especially for perfume).

Naobay-Body radiance Lotion- Another lotion that I get from Birchbox.. this lotion does NOT smell good at all. And the lotion itself is just okay. Kind of disappointed.

CC Cream- I think this is another one of the sunscreen lotion thing for your face. Again, another product that I've gotten before.

Cynthia rowlly black eye liner: I like the eyeliners that Birchbox has sent me so far, and I have so many black eyeliners now I don't think i'll ever need to go buy another one! lol

So that's it! that's what I got from my Ipsy bag and birchbox! What did you all get??

Oh and I was watching this Youtube video on this girl who does like makeup and hair and stuff. I love NYX and I've been hearing and seeing a lot about NYX lose pigmented eyeshadows. Her video is good for that. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

2 down, 2 more to go and Taiwanese Food!

So over the weekend while I was off and lone (Blake is in Chicago for business and will be back on Tuesday!) I met up with another one of my close friends, Kelley. We met up for brunch at Another Broken egg Cafe in Sandy Springs, dunwoody area. Nevertheless, I asked her to my bridesmaid and of course she said yes! I was super excited and forgot to take pictures! but that's 2 down and 2 more to go!! :D

So anyways, I figured since Blake is not here and he doesn't like some of the traditional Taiwanese dishes that I like (the white in him lol). I've been missing my mother's cooking for over a year now so I might as well make them myself. 

First up first, Ma Po Tofu (Spicy Tofu)
this is an awesome traditional food. I know many people have different opinions on Tofu. It is a required taste. I don't expect everyone to like it but I grew up eating it and it is so good for you!!

Typically you use grown pork for this, but I decided to try ground beef and see if i like it 

(lol my rice cooker)
  • Oil (any type)
  • sesame oil
  • spicy/hot fermented bean paste
  • soy sauce
  • salt if needed
  • Starch (i think its what we call Corn starch) this is to thicken up the sauce
  • 1 packaging of soft tofu
  • garlic cloves ( i used 2)
  • 1/4-1/2 lb of ground beef (or pork)
super blurry picture that I took. Sowwy. 

Now, there are MANY different step that people use. This is just the way I cook and make this dish. 
  1. cut up garlic into little tiny pieces while the pan is heating up with oil.
  2. stir in ground meat and  garlic and cook until almost done.
  3. cut up tofu into bite size and add into the pan.
  4. add soy sauce, spicy bean paste and sesame oil.
  5. stir and be careful because the tofu is so soft if you stir too hard they will break apart. 
  6. Then while food is cooking I mixed the starch with water to make sure its dissolved ( i don't measure it I just estimate on how much i will need and add as you go). 
  7. Add mixed starch into pan and mix. The sauce should be thickened (If you dont have water that's coming out of tofu while you are cooking feel free to add a little bit of water so you get to thicken up the sauce).
    This is how it should look like. nice and look spicy lol
    Then you cook for another 3-4 minutes until tofu is all warm through (tofu itself is already cooked, so all you needed was to warm through the tofu so you dont feel like you are eating cold tofu lol)

    Done! final product!

    another dish that I made was just a veggie side dish. Bok choy and Mushroom

    now off to eat!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

outfit tuesday!!

How was everyone's weekend? My 5 day off of work is coming to an end and I go back to work tomorrow. I knew the 5 day off would be gone fast and man, it is super fast. I feel like I never sleep enough anymore~
Anyways, while being out and studying for my upcoming ACLS class and just running errands I decided to do a outfit blog today :)

Top: Stitch fix Hawthrone black Chiffon 
Bottom: forever 21 shorts
Accessories: charming charlies necklace/ forever 21 knot earrings/ Coach white/gray leather purse. 
Shoes: you can't see it here but I wore Francesca's black sandles. 
no shoes in the house lol

My make up; its kind of hard to see from the pictures but I used light neutral and brown colors to create light smoky. 
hair: I just braided and pulled back my bangs and then french braid from the left side of my hard to my right. :)

I like this outfit because it was gloomy out and it wasn't too hot. 
However, it did go up to 90's degrees and I was sweating in my black shirt lol Good thing I paired it with shorts. 

Oh and also.. I had my engagement ring re-sized like 3 times. First time was because Blake got it in a size 5. It was falling off of my finger, so we went in and got it sized to 4. Then I thought it fitted fine until the next day I was still able to take the ring off without any problem and my fingers get cold easily, so at work it was literally falling off my finger.
So this past weekend we went back to Shane Co. (really recommend this place) and decided to have it resized to a 3.75... I went to pick it up yesterday and tried it on there and it was still too lose. So we decided to go down again to a size 3.5. I got the ring today and it fits PERFECT!!!  It wasn't too lose and its not too tight. you want to have trouble taking off the ring and its staying! so third time is the charm for sure! :D

they also cleaned it and its shinier than ever!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 4th at Lake Lanier!

Did everyone have a good July 4th? I remember last year it rained like crazy so we stayed home with friends and just have potluck. I also remember last 4th I was super anxious because I had just taken my NCLEX exam the day before and was going to find out about my result on the 5th. Of course I passed it  :P
Anyways, this year I worked the 3rd so I can relax on the 4th. I got home and napped for about 4 hours before preparing food and getting ready to go to the lake.
My nails :D

 Blake being silly lol

 my Friend Naz :)

 Forgot to take a picture of the cake before we started digging in lol
anyways. It was fun and relaxing and we all went to the beach by the lake. It was fun. Next year we will probably have people come over to our new house since it'll only be like 10 minutes away from the Lake :D

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bridesmaid gifts-She said YES!!

So I got called in to work last night and it was super busy. I an running on 20 hours of no sleep right now and I just came home from meeting up with my Maid of Honor, Alex!! 
I came home and I was exhausted but we had a meeting set up @ 10 at starbucks so i hopped into the shower and got ready and put on a new shirt I got yesterday from Charming Charlie's.

Super cute shirt that exposes the back!! Had to wear a sticky bra which was uncomfortable. I need to find a new "cup" bra..any ideas?! 

Anyways, the focus of this blog is about Bridesmaids gifts! More like, "How to ask Bridesmaid/ box gift"
I researched and Pinterest'ed on what I liked and what I want to give to my girls and ask them to be my bridesmaids. 

I went to Charming Charlies to get Infinity Earrings and Tie the Knot bangles, dollar store for purple nail polishes, and Claire's for infinity ring

Then I got decorative boxes and fillings from dollar store.
I got silver and red color boxes and this is how it looks like!! It turned out really cute. And I forgot to take pictures but I also ordered these personalized cards for each person to ask them to be my bridesmaid. 
super cute idea!!

Alex reading the card first. 

Opening the box!!

The card!
The back of the card had her name and a message on why I wanted her to be my Maid of Honor! :D

Selfie time!! SHE SAID YES!!!!

yay!! down and 3 more to go :D