Saturday, June 28, 2014


Have you gone eye brow threading before? Or do you just plug them or wax them? 
see, I've always wondered how it feels like to have eye brows threaded and finally, at the beginning of last year I went with my best friend, who gets her eye brows threaded, to get them done. Not to sound typical, but Indian women do them at their salons and they are cheap! I think the first place I went was like $7 but they raised their price to $8. Then we found another place that's new and only charges $6!! what a deal.

Honestly, I think threading keeps the hair gone longer but I do have to say, they Really Really hurt!! Everything they do it my eyes start to get watery (sensitive around your eye area) and they just hurt!! but so worth it!!

Blake tells me I don't need to get my eyebrows done, but he is a man. Men don't really see what you see when your hair starts to grow back and the shape is gone! 
So I took before and after photos for him to see..

Realized these pictures look kind of creepy. but there are BEFORE pictures. If you click on them, you can see the hair around the eyebrows that are back and shape is slightly off..

 and TADA!! After picture!! they look so much better and I feel much better lol!!

Then applied some make up in the car.
Got to use the shimmer green eyeliner from my June Ipsy Bag
I like it a lot..but when I removed my make up last night I noticed the green eyeshadow was still tinted on my eyelids..took a second to take them off completely. 

Anyways, eye brow threading is awesome!! 


Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I totally forgot to post this for the weekend. But my girlfriends and I usually meet up once a month or something for a GNO. And this time, we finally have a girlfriend that came and haven't seen her for a loooong time. She does campaign stuff and right now she works for Jason Carter. She is a fun and cute young woman. 

Anyways, I finally got to wear the dress that I got from my May stitch box. 
I had Blake take this picture. and its blurry. lol
Then another take.. its super exposed lol..
anywho, its a cute summer dress and i dressed it up by wearing my white floral necklace and white pair of heels to match. Very cute!
Then I decided to pull my hair up to a pony tail and my makeup is a neutral brown smoky eye with small cat eye liner. Love this look. 
I forgot to take a picture with lipstick on but I chose my chanel neutral coral color. It all matched!
We went to noni's italian restaurant in downtown Atlanta. It is like a hole in the wall kind of place and we thought it would be a little fancier since all of our GNO's has been nice places (i.e. J. Alexander's, Cheesecake Factory, cafe intermezzo...etc)
Nevertheless, we had fun. 

 I have to post a picture of Isaac. Even though he is not as lovely at times, we know he cares about us. 
this is me petting him after I came home

His face after I stopped petting. See? a loving face, right? lol


Sunday, June 22, 2014

River Tubing

Honestly, the last time I remember tubing was in Helen ,GA and I was probably in 7th grade and I don't remember much. But today, us and a couple of friends bought a river tubing groupon. But come to find out, we could've just purchased our own tubes and go on tubing lol. Would've saved more money and could've done more times just once. Guess we will do that next time :)

It was pretty relaxing and got stuck on the rocks a couple of times. Poor Blake and burned and we figured it was because of the antibiotics he is on. :(
And me, of course, with my skin complexion I got tanned as usual. I tried to flip back and forth and get an even tan and I think I did a good job lol.

This picture doesn't do any justice on how red he got and how tanned I got. But regardless, i had fun! 

What did you do this weekend?

Friday, June 20, 2014

June Birchbox!

JUNE birchbox is here!! Even though I am thinking about cancelling the subscription, I am still excited to receive it. 

As usual, cute boxing and a little card on what's included in the box and the full price for when you want to purchase the full size item. 

Honestly, I think I am happy with most of the items in the box other than the coola sunscreen. I have about 3 of them now because they come in every box.. I feel like they could take that out of my box and send me something different.
So here in the pictures I have
Perlier-Body Cream Shea Almond
This is a nice lotion to have. It smells wonderful and its on the heavier side so it stays moisturized for me because I have dry skin.

Suki Exfoliate Foaming cleanser
this is a small sample but I think it'll last me at least 3 washes. I have never heard of this particular brand but I have tried face exfoliating cleanser before. I love exfoliating my face every once in a while since I wear makeup almost everyday, its a nice way to really clean out the pores.
Coastal Scents Revealed Palette in Sunset. (Below is the picture of the sample palette). Very pretty colors and neutral. I think I'll like this. 

Folle De joi parfum 
I haven't tried this yet but it smells pretty nice.
 Last but not least, they included this traveling survey on which city you should go to and I got San Francisco, CA!! Last time I went to CA with one of my best friends was 2 years ago and it was my first time going there. She is from Anaheim, CA and we stayed there. it was so much fun and we walked to Disneyland, which only took about 30 minutes. 
So once you take the survey and take a picture of either this or your Birchbox and tag #jetBlue or #birchbox you can win a free trip to that city! I never win anything so I thought I might give it a try any way lol

Do you have Birchbox subscription? What did you get??

Sunday, June 15, 2014

June Stitch Fix is here!!

Stitch Fix is here!! i get so excited with this! this month's stitch fix is a little bit heavier than usual so I couldn't wait to open it up!

First thing first..
The top
Pomelo Priya Abstract Floral Print Knit Back Tank
I actually really liked this shirt. I almost bought it but I saw similar item in Francesca's or Lizard thicket for a cheaper price. 
The Back of the shirt :)

The Loveappella Francesca contrast trim Button-up Knit Shirt
This shirt was extremely soft!
but... I did not like the way it fit me or that I got an item that's 2/3 sleeve when its summer. This one is a not.

This one is my Favorite!!
This is the Papermoon Remmie Multi-Color Chevron Print Maxi Skirt
This one was a definite yes! The color was beautiful and it is super soft!!

  Then there's this emperia Kacie Half Flap Crossbody Bag.
this was the reason why the box was so heavy!!
I liked this bag a lot. The color is what I would get and its a nice size. Howevr I do have a lot of bags and I saw similar bags in Francesca's for 30% off. 

Lastly, I received this Market and Spruce Jay Mini Houndstooth Printed Skirt.
I hated it lol. I didn't like the way it fit and it was an awkward length. It was below my knees and it just didn't look good.

I don't know why I kept thinking about other stores and the prices when I tried this box on. I did get the maxi skirt and the rest went back.
I think I may just be in the "saving" mode for our house. 
I did also choose to skip next month and see what happens. 

Did you get your stitch fix yet? What did you get? 
if you are interested, click on this link ----> Try Stitch Fix Today
Its super fun!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

June Ipsy bag!

Its that time again!! I just got my ipsy bag from the mail! super excited!

(had to block out my address lol)
This month's bag design. Paradise!

the products that I got!

First off. Skinn by Dimitri James.
looks pretty cool. I have never tried an make up remover AND a deep cleansing mask! this is also a pretty good size too. this one almost filled up the whole bag.  

 NYX butter gloss color code BLG08; Apple strudel
Here's how it looks like.

its a pinkish color. Like The girl next door lip color. i like it so far!
 I have so many bottles of beach spray from ipsy. So I dont know how I feel about getting another one. I suppose it can't hurt to try another brand of it. 

Be a Bombsell mascara! this is full size and I can't wait to try it. I love mascara!! Anything to do to make my lashes look long and thick! :D

Lastly, Shimer Eyeliner in this turquoise color. I dont wear color eyeliners but I will give this a try since it is the summer. Plus I've seen a lot of people and on pinterst that you wear a thin or cat eyeliner (water eyeliner) and then place the colored eyeliner up top of it. Maybe i'll blog that later!

any ipsy subscribers? What did you get??

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

First time Home buyer!

So Blake and I have been house hunting since the beginning of this year. We took things slow and we would drive around to go see neighborhoods and houses on the weekends that I don't work.
So we finally made a decision that we are going with new-built homes. There are so many reasons why we want new built homes. 
I have researched so much on first time home buyers and new built homes. 
We don't have the whole down payment saved up just yet but we are so tired of paying apartment rent and throwing away almost $900 a month. We know that once we get a house its not just monthly mortgage payment, we would have to think about utilities and other bills. Fortunately, Blake doesn't have any debt. Me on the other hand only has student loan (by the time we get a house my credit card will be paid off!). 

We are fortunate to be smart about saving money. Buying a new home is great because you can choose the floor plan that you like, choose amenities that you want for your home, and just any upgrades that you are able to afford. Also most of the builders have new home warranty. This is a definite plus than buying an older home. I don't want to have to worry about fixing up things after we move in the house and find any surprises. 

Buy a home is BIG purchase. We want to make sure that we are making the right decision. Not only to research on the area that we are interested in, the crime rate in the area, school district and builder quality. 

Tomorrow we are going with our agent to talk to the new home site agent regarding a possible offer. We are super excited and hopefully everything will workout fine. I am extremely nervous about this as well. I just want to make sure that by the time the new home is finished and ready to close, we will have enough money to put down AND to have some put aside for emergencies and to buy furniture. Now blake thinks that furniture can come later, but new home wont feel like a home without furniture (we don't have much. A couch and a bed and a desk lol)..

So, fingers crossed. 
And if you know any other tips or want to share your knowledge about home buying, please comment!! :D


Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Proposal

Almost Every girl longs their romantic proposal from their loved ones. Every girl pictures and envisions on how it would be like. So did I. 
I got my proposal last night when I took Blake out to his birthday dinner @ Chops Lobster Bar in Atlanta. Now before it happened, I have to admit I did suspect that he was going to do it..Why? because when I told my coworker that we were going out on a fancy dinner for his birthday, she said he was going to propose. Second, I kinda knew he was looking at rings but I didn't know when He was going to buy it and propose. Then he was super nervous driving to the restaurant. I mean he was talking but he was stiff. Then he wanted me to wear something fancy :P I mean yes, it was a really nice restaurant, but I was going to wear my new dress that I got from my Stitch Fix

Anyways, when we sat down, we were talking and looking through the menu. Then after we ordered we were just talking. He asked me what I got him for his birthday and I told him all these things that I am thinking about getting him. Then he said, "well, what if I got you something for my birthday?". I said, "why would you do that? That's silly!" then proceeded to laugh.
Then he was like, "seriously though" and he got up and took a step towards my seat, and he kneeled. And there it is. There's the ring and he asked, "Will you marry me?". Oh poor baby, he was SO EMBARRASED!! his face was so red, it was worse than when we had our first date lol. Then I laughed. I know I shouldn't have, but he was so cute. He was on his knee, face red, had a ring. I just kissed him and I said yes. 

Then a restaurant manager walked by, then he looked at us (Blake is still on his knee lol) and said "Did That just happen?" and I nodded with a smile. The restaurant manager proceeded to clap. Then EVERYONE in the restaurant started clapping as well. Man,... that embarrassed him even more!! lol He turned to look at me again and asked if I was going to put the ring on, and i said he was supposed to do it lol. and he did. The ring was too big unfortunately and we went back to the jeweler to get it resized to day. It only takes two days to resize so I wont have it for a couple of day. 

Man It was so awesome. He was so red and so cute. Then he calmed down a little bit. The restaurant gave us free champagne to celebrate and dessert (yum!). Throughout dinner, Blake calmed down a little and then gave me the romantic speech in which I started crying (started sobbing lol). it was great. It was just the two of us. Even though the event wasn't captured with a camera, but I'll always remember :)

Now I wonder what other people's proposals were like :P


Friday, June 6, 2014

Out and about

I didn't do much today. I got what I wanted yesterday. It was about 0605 and I got a call from work. Charge nurse said that she got all patients delivered and I can be on-call! I was beyond excited. I was super tired and was yawning from the second I woke up (mind you I slept from 8am to 4:30 pm). So I stayed home. Ate leftover chinese that I bought for the unit the night before while Blake got his pizza lol. We watched Game of Thrones until I was literally in and out of consciousness lol :P 

Anyways, we went to bed around 11:30pm and I slept until 7:30am. Guess I really need that sleep. 
so I decided to blog about make up today. from the previous two post (HERE) I wrote about what I purchased from Ulta that were new to me. 
The Revelon 24 hour cream foundation. And i used the make up application sponge blender to apply that. I have to say, I have found my new favorite foundation. I have been using it everyday since the day I purchased it. It provides almost full coverage (I only say almost full coverage because I have really bad dark circles underneath my eyes). I have purchased other foundations but they felt too heavy on my face and this does not make me feel like that.

So I apply my foundation with my new sponge blender and then I apply my NYX concealer.

yea I wasn't going to post pictures of my face without make up. lol But here's with all the base-face products applied. Really nice coverage. 

Then I filled my brow my the NYX auto eyebrow pencil. I got this in charcoal (or gray?) and in dark brown..sometimes I feel like i look better in brown eyebrows lol. Then I set my brows with the clear brow gel from Ulta. I like nice defined yet natural looking brows. 

Onto my eye shadows...
 Always remember to prime your eyes first. i used Benefit's eye primer. Its a sample size that i got with my Naked 1 palette. I loved it so far so when its gone i'll go buy the full size product.

So for my base color I used the color virgin and Naked. The Virgin color is a champagne/ivory color that I like and Naked is a good matte base color to use for a day time look.

I mixed these two colors together and just applied all over my lids.

 Then I used the color Smog on the outer corner of my lids. Apply is like a "V" shape. I also used the color Darkhorse to darken it a little bit and run the eyeshadow underneath my bottom lashes. Gives that great daytime smoky eye look. If you want more than the brown tone, use the black eye shadow you see on the right side and just deepen that "V" shape.

Then I just used the color Half baked on the inner corner of my eyes to give them the pop :)

 Then I used my Kate Von B Tattoo liner  and Kohl eye pencil as my eyeliners. I used very thin line for my liquid liner and created a small cat eye. Then I used the pencil liner to line the upper waterline to fill in any spaces.

To finish with the whole look, I used my Power Volume 24 hr water proof mascara and Maybelline Falsies. I love these two combined together. They make my eyelashes look so long and thick!

Then I finished off my face with Cargo bronzer, benefit blush/lip color stain  as my blush, and Benefit highlighter. (they are sample sizes that I got from Sephora and Ipsy bag). 

Without flash. 

With flash, you can see my eyeshadow colors more. 

hope y'all like it! :D