Sunday, August 10, 2014

August Stitch Fix!

Finally! I got my August Stitch Fix. I skipped July because I wanted to save some money so I skipped it. This time I got all tops and a clutch. see blow for details! :D

yup! I love the mint color and completely fell in love with it!

Annabel Leaf Print Crochet Detail Blouse
I thought i would love this when I took it out of the box but I don't think it has done anything for me. yaa?

The picture angle is weird because Blake was taking them sitting down so I look horrible. Anyways, this top is Palermo Knit Tank. It feels like sweater but its sleeveless and its short. It says to pair with boyfriend jeans or strippy skirt. I don't know either, I thought I might like it since it's something I'll never pick out for myself

Beyonce Gold Bar Detail Blouse. I am definitely going to keep this one. cute chiffon material with the gold bar necklace which I like the simple detail.
the bag is the juno Small Folded Clutch.
I fell in love with it and was something that I was passively looking. So that's a keeper.

the top is called Sadie V-neck Embroidery Detail Tank. This one is a keeper too. I liked it a lot. 

I am happy with my box this month. Although I did hope to get something more fun than just tops. I also notice I do get different style artist every month. I wonder if I can keep the same one if it has done a good job on one month?.Anways. what did YOU get?? :D

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  1. That mint shirt is to die for! Happy you kept it. I just scheduled to get Stitch Fix back in October, yay! I've missed it so much these past 6 months. (sad but true)

    1. you haven't had your stitch fix for that long?? it feels like you just had one not long ago. Is that when your baby is due?