Thursday, August 7, 2014


Now that we have picked out our home colors and whatnot, Blake got excited and started to build our house in Sims and I started looking at all furniture that would go well in our house too lol. 

My dad has been asking a lot of questions about the house and he asked me to sent him the floor plan to the house while I was at work a couple of nights ago. I told him that he will be able to see it when he comes back to the States but he said that we could make changes to the floor plan since they have not started building it yet. I told him that's not the way it goes. WE bought the floor plan. WE didn't hire a builder and built the house based on our imagination and making a floor plan. It doesn't work that way. He didn't say much else. I feel  bad saying that but I really want him to trust my judgement on buying the house and that Blake and I are happy with our decisions. 

Anywho, today is our 2 year anniversary and we are going to celebrate that this saturday. Going to Ikea to look at furniture and get some ideas then have a nice dinner together :D

I am also doing a lot of "looking" for the wedding. Been looking at online websites for bridal dresses, which I think i will order it online because its cheaper and really, i am only wearing it for a day..I don't really want to drop a grand on a dress. Then i am looking at everywhere for bridesmaid dresses, whether its Etsy, Pinterest, or just google-ing them. At least now that I have been researching and looking I will know who I want to book when the time comes. :D 

anyways, its an easy blog today since I just woke up from my nap (worked last night) and I can't really think much right now. Will update soon on my August Stitch Fix! :D

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  1. I used to play the Sims as a little kid just to build the houses! Good thing I studied architecture in college huh? ha ha