Friday, August 1, 2014

Ulta and e.l.f haul!!

Finally have time to update my blog!
I've been in class to get my ACLS certification for two days this week and then I worked last night, so here I am!
So from the last post about ebates I actually bought these items using the ebates website and got me some money back. I would recommend buying and using free shipping option if its available to save more money! But here we go!
 First! MY E.L.F bag!!

 Sorry for the blurry picture. But Here's the make up brush shampoo that I've been using for a few years now. I never learned to wash my brushes until maybe like 4 years ago. The thought of my brushes not working well and not picking up colors and products saddens me. So I found this cheap shampoo which works really well. I don't think i'll go and buy a $30 brush shampoo at all. This is a great option.

My new brushes!! I wanted a stipple brush for a while now and I am glad that I finally got one. And if you haven't shopped at e.l.f. you should! they have really affordable make up products and brushes for those who doesn't want to spend a lot. (like me). i am not picky on brushes as long as they serve the purpose. 

To my ULTA hault!! So I've been watching a lot of makeup gurus on on these NYX blushes and they are cheap $4.99 each. So I decided to give them a try. Also ULTA always have the $3.50 off $10 purchase coupon, so that's what I used as well.
here are the colors that I got. 

This color is called Apricot. I wanted this for the summer and possible for fall. Its a subtle orange color with a little glitter to it. 
I  used this today and I loved it!
 I didn't use too much because it was only for a date night. I liked it.

 This color is called Pinched. Really pretty and pinkish glitter in it. I think this will look really natural on my cheeks

This color I believe is called Mocha. This is clearly a matte blush and it is what I wanted. I have those lip/cheek stain that are matte color but until i get to know how to use them properly, I am going to use my powder blushes!

This is how they look like on my arm! Top is Mocha, then middle is Pinched, the last one is Apricot.

Next I got NYX mineral "Set it & Don't Fret it" Matte finishing powder.
My Makeup Forever powder is almost gone and because I am trying to save money I decided to do some research on similar products. Even though my Makeup forever powder is pressed, I feel like this does the job well. 

 and I also used the powder for tonight as well. I only used my regular face moisturizer, concealer, and light cc cream then I used the powder. It looks really natural and i am glad the color matches! (One thing about shopping online)

 and here are some samples that I got from purchasing at ulta!!

happy shopping!


  1. I almost went to Ulta today! I wanted to check out the Real Techniques brushes because I've heard good things about them on YouTube. I'm about to write my Nordstrom Haul too, heh.

    1. ulta is pretty awesome because they have coupons and sephora doesn't. but of course, sephora carries more brands than ulta. I've never shopped at nordstrom because they are so expensive!