Monday, August 18, 2014

Bridal Extravaganza and house update

yesterday Blake and a couple of my bridesmaids came with me to the atlanta Bridal Extravaganze show at the Americasmart! First bridal show ever and it was super fun!!
There were a lot of vendors, hair and makeup vendors, bridal salons, fashion shows and giveaways!!
we got stickers! mine said Bride, his said Groom, then my two friends from the bottom picture had stickers that said Bridesmaid

got lots of magazines and coupons and information. and of course, goodie bags!! lol blake was being awesome by carrying all of them. Brownie points to him! <3

waiting for fashion show to start!!

trying to sort out the coupons and magazines and information sheets from the day. Issac got curious like always lol

lots of things to go through and of course threw out thins that I don't need. The bridal show made it more real to me because all I have been doing in the past 2 months were just looking online and searing for the best place and prices (and of course some websites don't even have price list for vendors and whatnot). I also got to touch bridal gowns for the first time. It was super awesome. 

oh and quick update on the house!

tada!! super exciting! looks much more has been done since two weeks ago. The builders were off for a week so this a pretty fast process. The house next to us has frames already!


  1. Ha ha he looks so happy to be the pack mule!

    1. he actually really liked the bridal show. surprise! lol