Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Labor and Delivery nursing

So ever since Blake came back from chicago he's been sick. He said people were coughing on the plane and such..plane ride could be such a killer sometimes. So of course he tries not to kiss me when hes sick but i do anyways, and guess what, now i am sick. Started with itchy throat on monday night at work, then yesterday after I woke up my throat hurt so bad I almost wanted to throw up. I was also on call last night with the hope that I don't get called in, and i didn't *phew*. 
I am most likely will not have anything interesting to write this week because of my sick bones lol. But i do want to share some funny stuff that I found on tumbler about Labor and delivery nursing ~enjoy!

When my patient delivers after one push.

When my patient states she 10/10 pain but she’s talking on the phone.

When my multip is complete and asks for an epidural.

I’m like:

I’m like:


  1. Oh man I hope this kid comes out after only one push, that would be the best thing ever!

    1. first baby may be hard but make sure you tell your nurse that you want to labor down when you are 10 cm dilated. save energy and let your body do its work