Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lazy Sunday-Wedding

So I am off today and met up with two of my girlfriends to catch up and to give each of them their "Be my bridesmaid?" Box! They both were so excited and said yes!!! I am so relieved and finally can cross that off of my to do list!! Now that bridesmaids are done, we also started writing wedding guest list. According to "The Knot Wedding planning" binder that I have, its good to have guest list ready so when you book your venue for reception/ceremony it'll be easier. I still have to ask my parents who they want to invite and such. 

Anyways, so yesterday our friends and us went to the Vortex in Midtown, Atlanta to have dinner and the Laughing Skull Lounge for a comedy show after the dinner. It was for a friend's birthday. I have to say, it was super fun and a great idea to spend a birthday! The comedian was awesome ( I forgot his name) but he worked at comedy central for years and he's funny.

 my outfit. Yellow chiffon blouse from Stitch Fix and just a pair of jean since it was a casual dinner. :D 
Make up was neutral brown smoky eye and my Kate Moss lipstick! <3


  1. Oh the evil guest list, I know that was one of my biggest problems in planning my wedding. I hope it goes much better for you!

    Love, love, love that shirt by the way!

    1. lol at least now I know approximately how many people we are planning on inviting instead of just making up a number :P