Friday, September 12, 2014

Baby Isaac

So this whole week has been kind of crazy. The week started off with me waking up hearing Isaac the cat meowing all morning, then I woke up and went to the bathroom and saw that he threw up. I looked at him and he looked at his own throw up and looked at me. I cleaned up and petted him. Then I started hearing him gagging. Then he threw up again, this time is just water and yellow fluids. I texted Blake and we realized that this is not like him. Isaac is a quiet cat usually. He has never meowed continuously. 
I took him to the vet and found out he has an urethral obstruction.  Of course, me in the medical field knew what that meant. However, I did still ask the Doctor what it meant. Its hard when its an animal because you can't communicate. The doctor said that he needs to be stabilized because his bladder was 3 times his normal size and he is in a lot of pain. 
Blake and I told the doctor to do whatever she could. Isaac got an IV, urinary catheter to help break the blockage and drain his bladder. Because this first vet we went to wasn't a full serviced hospital, we drove down the street from them to get Isaac hospitalized.
He stayed for 3 days..

 first time in a long time since he's been to a vet. isaac is only 3 years old.

in this little carrier on the way to the hospital. by this time he has this collar on to prevent chewing on his catheter.

his IV.

after 3 days we finally picked him up late afternoon yesterday. The vet said he did good but he didn't really eat while he's stayed in the hospital, which I can understand; he didn't know where he was and he was in pain. 
But as soon as he got him, he went to the litter box (which we are supposed to watch him to see if he pees or just straining) and he has to be on the c/d cat food for urinary tract health diet for a long time now (possibly life time). We gave him the wet kind and he ate right away. we are just glad that he went back to his old self as soon as we got home.

licking himself which is common after urinary catheter. 
you can see where he got shaved for his IV

I had to take him back to the Vet this morning for a quick check up on the bladder because when we picked him up last night he was leaking a little bit. but he is all good and check up is next Friday :D


  1. Awe poor baby. I'm happy he is doing better though!

    1. i know and he's been really sweet and goes wherever we go. i think he was scared when he was in the hospital.