Friday, September 5, 2014

Stitch fix

Its that time of the month again!!! My stitch fix is here.
you know, every time I open and try on everything and I would be like, this is a pretty good fix, then I would go see on other bloggers' stitch fix and I'll be like, "how come I didn't get that pretty chevon dress? How come she got the cute print top and I didn't?" and I noticed that my stylist would be different..hmm okay. 
Anyways, here are the pictures and help me pick!

This is Sioban Striped french Terry 3/4 sleeve Dress from Tart
I feel ok in this dress. the 3/4 sleeve made my arms looks shorter than they already are and I like fitted dresses most of the time...this is $88

Top: Latisha Embellished bib Sleeveless Blous from Fun2Fun. 
This black shirt is cute but i almost wished that this one in my last box if you remember the black sleeveless blouse that I got that's similar to this. i like this but I've gotten so many Black shirts from Stitch fix i just don't know if I want another one. 
this is $48.

Pants: VinnyAnkle Length colored Skinny Jean from Liverpool. This is a cute, mid-high rise jeans. This bright red color is super cute but the calf/ankle part is loose and I thought it would be tighter. Maybe that's how its supposed to fit, I don't know. It doesn't look too bad, right? I am not used to wear mid-rise jeans but they are pretty comfy and fit like a glove from the waist to thigh area.
this is $44.

last outfit that I put together from the box. 
Scarf: Gweneth Chevron Lace Infinity Scarf  from Octavia. 
This scarf is cute. Lacy and definitely fall like. 
this is $28

top: Bixby Bird print tab Sleeve Blous from Pixley. The top felt really nice and its a silky material. Really cute and blous-y lol. I get a lot of blouse from stitch fix and I feel like its probably just their style or that's the fashion nowadays. this top is $48.

alright. What do you guys like?
want to try a fix? Click HERE 


  1. Ok the pants are awesome and go great with that black shirt! The scarf looks super cute but it's hard to see any details.

    1. Blake likes that outfit too until he saw that the red jeans are mid-high waist and he was slightly turned off by that lol.