Saturday, September 13, 2014

September Ipsy!

I have to say, I like this bag a lot better than last month's. Last month was just fail lol.
A little about Ipsy.
Michelle Phan is the founder of Ipsy. It is a monthly subscription makeup/skincare/hair bag that only costs you $10. You will have to take a quiz on what you like and what you prefer then they will send out bags every month based on that. Although I do think sometimes the bags are just random. 
Anyways, Sometimes you will get full sized item and most of the time its premium travel size item. 
If you are interested, click here---> IPSY
First, Hikari lipstick! 
This color is darker than in the picture.

Darker red lipsticks look better on me so this is a win. 

this is a face toner serum and moisturizer, which is another win for me because my face cannot use enough of these!!
deep conditioning mask for hair!
I love getting theses things but I usually either forget to use them in the shower or i get lazy lol. I will definitely give this a try though. 

These items are exciting. The brushes are both sided. One of crease blending and the other side is a smaller blending brush! I needed a new brush and this is awesome!
and then the eyeliner is BROWN!! its so funny because the other day I was just thinking that I need brown eyeliner because mine was running low! very cool!

So what did YOU get on you ipsy bag??


  1. I got the conditioner, brushes and eyeliner as well, loved my bag much more than last month's too!