Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor day weekend

So did everyone have a good Labor day weekend?
Oh you asking me? Let me tell you..This past week after coming home from Orlando.. I seriously thought it wasn't going to be crazy busy. My legs were still throbbing from walking around the parks down in Orlando and I had to work the next day. I worked 3 nights in a row and we were absolutely slammed every night. One of those nights we had 6 deliveries! just on night shift! Now that for a community hospital is quite busy considering we only have 8 labor rooms!. 

Anyhow, I had Friday and saturday day off but I was so tired I slept through Friday lol. Saturday was my birthday (yay!) and I turned 25 years old! Honestly, I felt no different than being 24 lol. Blake said he had a quarter life crisis.. I told him that he just needed to grow up haha. 
We didn't do much on my birthday, we worked out, went to see pet adoptions and really wanted to take this little kitty home but Blake said no, then we had dinner with some friends. 

my brother is the one next to me. Everyone thinks we look a lot alike! 

then..sunday and Monday I went back to work. Crazy busy again! But Monday was more tolerable than Monday. 
Good thing everyone decided to bring a dish to work and had a great potluck. Actually, two great potlucks. I couldn't take pictures because I was practically eating and charting at the same time!!

 Now, I haven't updated my blog with outfits, so here we go

navy (yes it looks like black) stripe top is from Stitch Fix
white shorts from Forever 21
then I paired with my loafers. Nice casual day.
I am ashamed to say, the make up is left over from last night (I worked) and I had an doctor's appointment so I didn't take anything off and I just applied lipgloss. I had just light brown eyeshadow on and black eyeliner with mascara. Of course light blush. :D

Hope y'all enjoyed your labor day weekend!! :D


  1. Happy late birthday! I'm telling you, birthday's after 21 just get more and more depressing. I'm going to bawl like a baby when I turn 30.

    1. thank you!! lol 30 isn't old!! you will only be entering another stage of your life :)