Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy Nurses' Week!

Happy Nurses' Week!! Starting today 5/6/2014 through next monday! I am so excited. I can finally celebrate this week as a real RN this year! This time last year I was preparing to walk for graduation from Emory University's Nell Hodgson Woodruff Nursing School. I cannot believe it has been a year and I have to say, it has gone by like a wind. Last year my career launched after I passed my GA state board's RN exam on 7/4 and before I even took the test I was hired by my dream job as an L/D RN. Now that i have been working for almost 10 months now, I feel better and more confident every time I work. But I still get the uneasy and nervous feeling of being afraid. I am sure most new nurses get that feeling especially in a specialty area like me. 

Taking care of one patient for us is like taking care of two. You may physically be taking care of the laboring mother but you are also monitoring the baby and fetal heart rate can tell you so much! whether or not the baby is coming down the birth canal fast, or is laying on a cord, or is happy. My perceptor back when I was senior Nursing Student @ Gwinnett Medical center tagged me in a FB photo
I cracked up reading this! it is so true!!
My fellow nursing friends, how do you feel when you first started as an RN or how do you feel now?

A little nursing humor and some pertaining to L/D!
And got a little gift bag from one of shift manager nurse! so cute!
HAPPY NURSES' week! <3
Also, talking about Graduation. Yesterday we attended our good friends' graduation @ Gwinnett Arena. They graduated from Gwinnett Technical College!! We are so proud of them for graduating and graduating honors!
Here are some pictures! and my outfit!

Hair and make up!

Congratulations to Doug!

Had to do an asian pose!
congratulations to Rico!


  1. Im a nurse too - happy nurse week to us!!

  2. Happy Nurse week Jessica! There's a lot of nurses in my family i have to greet them as well! And i just want to say Im very thankful for what you guys do, its not easy to be a nurse you have to be compassionate and caring enough to be one! and patient too :)

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    1. Thank you so much Lala!! I love being a nurse and care for my patients! :)

  3. yes happy nurses week to all you amazing ladies and gents! I could never do what you all do and you deserve the recognition!