Saturday, May 17, 2014

May Stitch fix!!

I got my May Stitch Fix!
I have been waiting for this because my last stitch fix was so good I couldn't wait for this one. so here it is!
Real quick about how this works, you spend $20 on styling fee (you don't pay for shipping or even returns). You will have a personal stylist that will style depending on your body type and types of clothing that you wear. When you sign up, you will fill out a profile style that will reflect on how you look like and examples of styles that you may like. Also you can give them your Pinterest site on what you like in terms of fashion! I got a different stylist since a couple of fixes ago and its been great. And don't be afraid to voice what you like and what you don't like because after all, the stylists have never met you and they will style you based on your feedback. So here it is!

First shirt. 42 Hawthoprn Aspen Boat neck striped cotton Tee. I did pin a couple of striped shirt on pinterest and I was really looking for more white based than strippy. However I did like this so I decided to keep it. Blake also really liked it so that's a bonus. 

Bay to Baubles milo Gem Stone Stretch Bracelet. Now, i remember telling them I don't buy jewelry from them because I have so many, plus they run on the pricier side. So I didn't keep this. Super cute though. I am thinking I can get the same thing from Charming charlies for half of the price.

Issac trying to get in my fix!

 Real cute Pomelo brook Dot Print TieWaist top.
I loved it when I saw it on my styling card and out of the box. I like the vintage look. However I don't think I liked it as much when I had it on. :T This is a no. 

 Another really soft and cute Pomelo Aleah V-Neck solid dolman Sleeve Shirt. I love this color!! But I do have a lot of shirts in similar style and after much debate.. I let it go. :( blake said it didn't fit well on me. But I disagree :P

Last item in the box. 41Hawthorn Dita sleeveless Ponte Dress. Blake fell in love with this. I though it fitted well and I could totally wear this to a fancy date when he takes me next time :) 

If you are interested in signing up Stitch fix, and really though, if you dont like anything just send them back. But I at least get one item of the box because there's always that one item that I like and you can use your $20 styling fee towards your purchase. And if you buy everything from the box it is 25% off!!
use my code to sign up here----->SIGN UP STITCH FIX



  1. Oh wow you looked so good in everything! Definetly agree with what you kept though, that last dress made my jaw drop. I can see why your man loves it on you.

    1. Thank you!! I really wanted the polka dot shirt to work but it just didn't =T
      I am definitely happy with this box as well. Can't wait to see what you will get. :)