Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tophatter update! Benefit beauty product

So from my previous blog post about Tophatter (CLICK HERE for the post) 
I mentioned that i have bid a couple of benenfit products. The first one was a pore minimizer travel size and I forgot to take a  picture but it is a very tiny tube of pore minimizer. Well, I knew benefit wasn't going to be cheap but I probably shouldn't have bid as high as I should have ( I believe i bid $10 and paid $4 for shipping). 
But today I got the second benefit product that I bidded.
Fine One one Benefit cheeks and lip color!
Click here for Benefit Website: Fine One One
The price was $30 and bid started @ I believe $1. the final bid for me was $11 I believe and paid $4 shipping. So I paid $14 for this product. A little over 50% off of the product itself! This was a much better deal than the travel size pore minimizer
The product was brand new and sealed. A really good size and came in a booklet on where you can apply the product
very pretty colors

can't wait to actually use it tomorrow for my cheeks and lips!

'til next time~

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