Saturday, May 10, 2014

Instagram turns into Magnets!

I don't know how many people has heard of this but this is cool. I found this on Pinterest HERE
Its a website that you can upload your instagram photos and then choose whichever photos that you like into magnets!! 
I thought this was super cool so I decided to try it and I just received it yesterday(shipping was like maybe 3-5 days)

Now i have one picture missing because I used that photo magnet for my locker @ work. It was a picture of me and Booboo Bear. 
its super cool and these pictures are all over my fridge and white board! 
this would probably be an awesome idea for like weddings, gifts and just fun. 
like it??

try it here ----> Sticky 9


  1. first time ive heard of this! I have to do this with pictures of my kids!

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    1. yea it was so cool and i am thinking about making more!