Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ipsy bag & Birch box!

I got my May Ipsy bag and Birchbox almost at the same time so I am going to make it the same post. 
I am honestly going to say though, I am a little disappointed in my Birchbox this month.. Here's what I got.

The only thing that I loved from this box was the Lip Lube because I've been wanting to buy this shade in forever. The shampoo and conditioner are nice but they are quite expensive.
The 32 breath mints are kind of weird lol. The instruction says to pour the whole pack into your mouth and swoosh around in saliva and use fingers to brush the particles on teeth then swallow it. That sounds just unsanitary to me :P

did get a $25 off $75 purchase at Katespade saturday. Nothing caught my eye though.

This is how the Lube tube color looks like. Very cute nude orange-y color. I really wished i used my better camera. I'll remember that next time. Iphone camera is getting worse for me very time. :/

Okay! Onto Ipsy bag!

The theme is Fresh Picks  this month.
This is a hair mask and it came in a pretty big size bottle so I am very please with that. Plus I have never tried any hair masks before so this will be interesting.
 from left: purple/white duo eye shadows; SPF 15 sunscreen lotion; Calvin Klein perfume in roller style. 
close up on the eye shadows. It almost looked brown in the previous picture. This is pretty.
spring water mist. It says you can spray onto face as an after makeup removal to clean your face once more or to spray onto dry areas of your body and redness. Sounds like a pretty cool water mist to me. It'll definitely come in handy this summer!
so what do y'all think? Anyone an Ipsy or Birchbox subscribers?
They are both $10 a month and I really think ipsy has better value. I am going to give Birchbox another month and if they still disappoint me then I'll probably cancel it and find another subscription.



  1. I stopped my birchbox in march for the same reason - I was so disappointed. But I got Ipsy and love it! I should be getting mine soon!

    1. I just started with birchbox last month and it was alright and wanted to give another month to try. I've been with ipsy since last summer and I love it!

  2. Ipsy is great! I love them so much! And we didnt get the same thing at all this month which is another thing I LOVE about Ipsy!

    Love Always,

    1. yes! she always has so many different products and promotions to buy the products of the month!

  3. You know I haven't heard very good things about BirtchBox lately, but once I pop out this little nugget I am going to have to try Ipsy out. I'm just afraid it may turn me into more of a product whore ha ha.

    1. yeah that's what I've been told from many and from other people's reviews. Ipsy is awesome and I totally get what you mean lol.