Monday, May 12, 2014


So the past week I was on my phone on Facebook, i came across this application that they were advertising called "Tophatters". I clicked on it for more information. It was a bidding app, kind of like eBay but better. The bidding events are all live and you can get name brand beauty products, name brand purses, home stuff. Some of the stuff you could probably buy for cheaper with coupons in stores and whatnot but I thought it was fascinating. 

This is an example of how it looks like when I was watching something being bid. You can click on "catalogs" to view different items. 
like this
Then you select categories that you want to see and check out. it'll come up with items that you might be interested in.
Or you can click on "upcoming" to see what else will be bidded later on.

Another cool thing is, You see the little alarm clock on the top right corner of the yellow beauty blend sponge and the orange brushes? those are reminders of items that you are interested in and once it comes closer to that item being bidded, you can go back to the app. This way, you don't have to keep watching other people bidding on items that you aren't even interested in.
This is how it looks like by selecting different bidding events. Pretty cool.

I have bidding some Urban decay make up stuff and I did got one with free shipping and one with $4 shipping and both 50% off retail price. They will email you or alert you when the item is shipped along with tracking. I'll post later when I received the item and do another review on this app. 

pretty cool!

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  1. this sounds like a cool app especially with products that are hard to find this would be a great place to find them. thanks for sharing

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