Tuesday, June 10, 2014

First time Home buyer!

So Blake and I have been house hunting since the beginning of this year. We took things slow and we would drive around to go see neighborhoods and houses on the weekends that I don't work.
So we finally made a decision that we are going with new-built homes. There are so many reasons why we want new built homes. 
I have researched so much on first time home buyers and new built homes. 
We don't have the whole down payment saved up just yet but we are so tired of paying apartment rent and throwing away almost $900 a month. We know that once we get a house its not just monthly mortgage payment, we would have to think about utilities and other bills. Fortunately, Blake doesn't have any debt. Me on the other hand only has student loan (by the time we get a house my credit card will be paid off!). 

We are fortunate to be smart about saving money. Buying a new home is great because you can choose the floor plan that you like, choose amenities that you want for your home, and just any upgrades that you are able to afford. Also most of the builders have new home warranty. This is a definite plus than buying an older home. I don't want to have to worry about fixing up things after we move in the house and find any surprises. 

Buy a home is BIG purchase. We want to make sure that we are making the right decision. Not only to research on the area that we are interested in, the crime rate in the area, school district and builder quality. 

Tomorrow we are going with our agent to talk to the new home site agent regarding a possible offer. We are super excited and hopefully everything will workout fine. I am extremely nervous about this as well. I just want to make sure that by the time the new home is finished and ready to close, we will have enough money to put down AND to have some put aside for emergencies and to buy furniture. Now blake thinks that furniture can come later, but new home wont feel like a home without furniture (we don't have much. A couch and a bed and a desk lol)..

So, fingers crossed. 
And if you know any other tips or want to share your knowledge about home buying, please comment!! :D



  1. Oh man so many exciting things in your life! I can't wait to watch the progress

    1. yea!! we actually went and put down an offer for a new built home and it was Blake's birthday too lol. and got approved today! i am going to be visiting the home site every week now.!