Friday, June 6, 2014

Out and about

I didn't do much today. I got what I wanted yesterday. It was about 0605 and I got a call from work. Charge nurse said that she got all patients delivered and I can be on-call! I was beyond excited. I was super tired and was yawning from the second I woke up (mind you I slept from 8am to 4:30 pm). So I stayed home. Ate leftover chinese that I bought for the unit the night before while Blake got his pizza lol. We watched Game of Thrones until I was literally in and out of consciousness lol :P 

Anyways, we went to bed around 11:30pm and I slept until 7:30am. Guess I really need that sleep. 
so I decided to blog about make up today. from the previous two post (HERE) I wrote about what I purchased from Ulta that were new to me. 
The Revelon 24 hour cream foundation. And i used the make up application sponge blender to apply that. I have to say, I have found my new favorite foundation. I have been using it everyday since the day I purchased it. It provides almost full coverage (I only say almost full coverage because I have really bad dark circles underneath my eyes). I have purchased other foundations but they felt too heavy on my face and this does not make me feel like that.

So I apply my foundation with my new sponge blender and then I apply my NYX concealer.

yea I wasn't going to post pictures of my face without make up. lol But here's with all the base-face products applied. Really nice coverage. 

Then I filled my brow my the NYX auto eyebrow pencil. I got this in charcoal (or gray?) and in dark brown..sometimes I feel like i look better in brown eyebrows lol. Then I set my brows with the clear brow gel from Ulta. I like nice defined yet natural looking brows. 

Onto my eye shadows...
 Always remember to prime your eyes first. i used Benefit's eye primer. Its a sample size that i got with my Naked 1 palette. I loved it so far so when its gone i'll go buy the full size product.

So for my base color I used the color virgin and Naked. The Virgin color is a champagne/ivory color that I like and Naked is a good matte base color to use for a day time look.

I mixed these two colors together and just applied all over my lids.

 Then I used the color Smog on the outer corner of my lids. Apply is like a "V" shape. I also used the color Darkhorse to darken it a little bit and run the eyeshadow underneath my bottom lashes. Gives that great daytime smoky eye look. If you want more than the brown tone, use the black eye shadow you see on the right side and just deepen that "V" shape.

Then I just used the color Half baked on the inner corner of my eyes to give them the pop :)

 Then I used my Kate Von B Tattoo liner  and Kohl eye pencil as my eyeliners. I used very thin line for my liquid liner and created a small cat eye. Then I used the pencil liner to line the upper waterline to fill in any spaces.

To finish with the whole look, I used my Power Volume 24 hr water proof mascara and Maybelline Falsies. I love these two combined together. They make my eyelashes look so long and thick!

Then I finished off my face with Cargo bronzer, benefit blush/lip color stain  as my blush, and Benefit highlighter. (they are sample sizes that I got from Sephora and Ipsy bag). 

Without flash. 

With flash, you can see my eyeshadow colors more. 

hope y'all like it! :D


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