Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Proposal

Almost Every girl longs their romantic proposal from their loved ones. Every girl pictures and envisions on how it would be like. So did I. 
I got my proposal last night when I took Blake out to his birthday dinner @ Chops Lobster Bar in Atlanta. Now before it happened, I have to admit I did suspect that he was going to do it..Why? because when I told my coworker that we were going out on a fancy dinner for his birthday, she said he was going to propose. Second, I kinda knew he was looking at rings but I didn't know when He was going to buy it and propose. Then he was super nervous driving to the restaurant. I mean he was talking but he was stiff. Then he wanted me to wear something fancy :P I mean yes, it was a really nice restaurant, but I was going to wear my new dress that I got from my Stitch Fix

Anyways, when we sat down, we were talking and looking through the menu. Then after we ordered we were just talking. He asked me what I got him for his birthday and I told him all these things that I am thinking about getting him. Then he said, "well, what if I got you something for my birthday?". I said, "why would you do that? That's silly!" then proceeded to laugh.
Then he was like, "seriously though" and he got up and took a step towards my seat, and he kneeled. And there it is. There's the ring and he asked, "Will you marry me?". Oh poor baby, he was SO EMBARRASED!! his face was so red, it was worse than when we had our first date lol. Then I laughed. I know I shouldn't have, but he was so cute. He was on his knee, face red, had a ring. I just kissed him and I said yes. 

Then a restaurant manager walked by, then he looked at us (Blake is still on his knee lol) and said "Did That just happen?" and I nodded with a smile. The restaurant manager proceeded to clap. Then EVERYONE in the restaurant started clapping as well. Man,... that embarrassed him even more!! lol He turned to look at me again and asked if I was going to put the ring on, and i said he was supposed to do it lol. and he did. The ring was too big unfortunately and we went back to the jeweler to get it resized to day. It only takes two days to resize so I wont have it for a couple of day. 

Man It was so awesome. He was so red and so cute. Then he calmed down a little bit. The restaurant gave us free champagne to celebrate and dessert (yum!). Throughout dinner, Blake calmed down a little and then gave me the romantic speech in which I started crying (started sobbing lol). it was great. It was just the two of us. Even though the event wasn't captured with a camera, but I'll always remember :)

Now I wonder what other people's proposals were like :P



  1. Oh man I am tearing up! Congrats girl and man can your guy pick out a ring or what!? All he wanted for his birthday was you and he got it :)

    1. haha thanks! His parents were tearing up when we face-timed them with our ipad. I am still in cloud 9. wait til it hits me lol