Thursday, June 5, 2014


Sorry guys! I have been super busy lately. Work has been crazy. I only had sunday off (well for night shift people, one day off is like nothing) then I was on call on Monday (my regular signed-up call) thinking that I was fine because no one had called me @ 5 pm (that's usually when you know). So I went to the gym with Blake and came home around 7:30, checked my phone, and  I got 3 missed calls from work. So of course I knew. I called back and said that I will hop in the shower and be there in 30 mins. And it was like a zoo when I got there lol.

Then I worked pretty much the whole shift. Mind you, my regular work schedule for this week is working Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (tonight). That is 4 nights straight!! I don't mind working 4 nights a week if I am needed at work, but 4 nights straight is about killing me here. I am sitting here typing this blog and eating my "breakfast" @ 5pm. I have told day shift charge nurse to put me down as first on-call person if we aren't busy. This means that because we usually have minimum 3 nurses scheduled per day/night. And There are 4 nurses scheduled to work tonight...and usually when its not busy, one can be put on-call. So.. Since i am wayyy over time for this coming pay check anyway.. I really don't mind being on call so I can have a breather. But then again.. my recent on-call luck has not been so good lol

anyways, I just wanted to update to say that I haven't forgot about blogging, in fact, I think about it all the time but I sleep all day when I come home from work =T I will update soon!


  1. Sleeping instead of blogging!? How dare you!? ;P

    1. ;) hahaha. i ran out of fuel. gotta get 'em sleep.