Saturday, June 28, 2014


Have you gone eye brow threading before? Or do you just plug them or wax them? 
see, I've always wondered how it feels like to have eye brows threaded and finally, at the beginning of last year I went with my best friend, who gets her eye brows threaded, to get them done. Not to sound typical, but Indian women do them at their salons and they are cheap! I think the first place I went was like $7 but they raised their price to $8. Then we found another place that's new and only charges $6!! what a deal.

Honestly, I think threading keeps the hair gone longer but I do have to say, they Really Really hurt!! Everything they do it my eyes start to get watery (sensitive around your eye area) and they just hurt!! but so worth it!!

Blake tells me I don't need to get my eyebrows done, but he is a man. Men don't really see what you see when your hair starts to grow back and the shape is gone! 
So I took before and after photos for him to see..

Realized these pictures look kind of creepy. but there are BEFORE pictures. If you click on them, you can see the hair around the eyebrows that are back and shape is slightly off..

 and TADA!! After picture!! they look so much better and I feel much better lol!!

Then applied some make up in the car.
Got to use the shimmer green eyeliner from my June Ipsy Bag
I like it a lot..but when I removed my make up last night I noticed the green eyeshadow was still tinted on my eyelids..took a second to take them off completely. 

Anyways, eye brow threading is awesome!! 



  1. I've always heard about threading but have never gotten it done. Actually I have never done anything to my eyebrows other than pluck them myself. I've been thinking about getting them waxed though seeing as pregnancy seems to have made me sprout new hairs faster than Chewbaca but I never realized that threading was so affordable. I'll have to look into it, thanks!

    1. lol i used to pluck them myself but i could never get the shape right. Then my mom learned how to wax when I was about 15 and did it on me and I didn't like it because it hurts lol. But then again..threading hurts too. I like the result much better.