Thursday, June 12, 2014

June Ipsy bag!

Its that time again!! I just got my ipsy bag from the mail! super excited!

(had to block out my address lol)
This month's bag design. Paradise!

the products that I got!

First off. Skinn by Dimitri James.
looks pretty cool. I have never tried an make up remover AND a deep cleansing mask! this is also a pretty good size too. this one almost filled up the whole bag.  

 NYX butter gloss color code BLG08; Apple strudel
Here's how it looks like.

its a pinkish color. Like The girl next door lip color. i like it so far!
 I have so many bottles of beach spray from ipsy. So I dont know how I feel about getting another one. I suppose it can't hurt to try another brand of it. 

Be a Bombsell mascara! this is full size and I can't wait to try it. I love mascara!! Anything to do to make my lashes look long and thick! :D

Lastly, Shimer Eyeliner in this turquoise color. I dont wear color eyeliners but I will give this a try since it is the summer. Plus I've seen a lot of people and on pinterst that you wear a thin or cat eyeliner (water eyeliner) and then place the colored eyeliner up top of it. Maybe i'll blog that later!

any ipsy subscribers? What did you get??


  1. I just signed up! ...but I am on the waitlist :( How long did it take you to get off the waitlist?

    1. Nevermind I skipped it, yay! Can't wait, you got me all excited.

    2. Lol!! it took me a few weeks! it wasn't that bad :)
      i hope you get awesome products!! don't forget to post them on your blog :D

  2. I like how this month the makeup bag is from Rebecca Minkoff (although I didn't realize at first) lol. Three of my items are the same as yours (no clue what to do with the turquoise eyeliner but might try it out at home anyway) , but I got a DERMAdoctor DD cream and the NYX butter gloss in BLG02 Eclair :)

    I canceled my subscription after the June bag though because I realized I like trying out recommended products from youtube beauty gurus more ;D

    1. I know what you mean on trying recommended producta from all those YouTube makeup grurs. I'm like that too. But I probably will keep Ipsy for a while lol.