Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I totally forgot to post this for the weekend. But my girlfriends and I usually meet up once a month or something for a GNO. And this time, we finally have a girlfriend that came and haven't seen her for a loooong time. She does campaign stuff and right now she works for Jason Carter. She is a fun and cute young woman. 

Anyways, I finally got to wear the dress that I got from my May stitch box. 
I had Blake take this picture. and its blurry. lol
Then another take.. its super exposed lol..
anywho, its a cute summer dress and i dressed it up by wearing my white floral necklace and white pair of heels to match. Very cute!
Then I decided to pull my hair up to a pony tail and my makeup is a neutral brown smoky eye with small cat eye liner. Love this look. 
I forgot to take a picture with lipstick on but I chose my chanel neutral coral color. It all matched!
We went to noni's italian restaurant in downtown Atlanta. It is like a hole in the wall kind of place and we thought it would be a little fancier since all of our GNO's has been nice places (i.e. J. Alexander's, Cheesecake Factory, cafe intermezzo...etc)
Nevertheless, we had fun. 

 I have to post a picture of Isaac. Even though he is not as lovely at times, we know he cares about us. 
this is me petting him after I came home

His face after I stopped petting. See? a loving face, right? lol



  1. I love that color on you, and your cat is adorable. -Hanna Lei

    1. Thanks!! He thinks he looks cute but he can be mean sometimes. 😣

  2. I LOVE your dress. Where did you say you got it?

    1. Thanks!! I got it from stitch fix. It's a monthly clothing subscription box :)

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  4. Love the dress, goes great with your new ring ;P