Sunday, June 15, 2014

June Stitch Fix is here!!

Stitch Fix is here!! i get so excited with this! this month's stitch fix is a little bit heavier than usual so I couldn't wait to open it up!

First thing first..
The top
Pomelo Priya Abstract Floral Print Knit Back Tank
I actually really liked this shirt. I almost bought it but I saw similar item in Francesca's or Lizard thicket for a cheaper price. 
The Back of the shirt :)

The Loveappella Francesca contrast trim Button-up Knit Shirt
This shirt was extremely soft!
but... I did not like the way it fit me or that I got an item that's 2/3 sleeve when its summer. This one is a not.

This one is my Favorite!!
This is the Papermoon Remmie Multi-Color Chevron Print Maxi Skirt
This one was a definite yes! The color was beautiful and it is super soft!!

  Then there's this emperia Kacie Half Flap Crossbody Bag.
this was the reason why the box was so heavy!!
I liked this bag a lot. The color is what I would get and its a nice size. Howevr I do have a lot of bags and I saw similar bags in Francesca's for 30% off. 

Lastly, I received this Market and Spruce Jay Mini Houndstooth Printed Skirt.
I hated it lol. I didn't like the way it fit and it was an awkward length. It was below my knees and it just didn't look good.

I don't know why I kept thinking about other stores and the prices when I tried this box on. I did get the maxi skirt and the rest went back.
I think I may just be in the "saving" mode for our house. 
I did also choose to skip next month and see what happens. 

Did you get your stitch fix yet? What did you get? 
if you are interested, click on this link ----> Try Stitch Fix Today
Its super fun!