Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April Stitch Fix!

So I have been subscribing to Stitch fix since last October (2013) and I have loved that items that I get and although some are expensive and out of my price range, they are still really pretty and good quality as well. Last few months however I did get some disappointing boxes and Stitch Fix was awesome enough to see my comment on their FB website and e-mailed me. They wanted to make up to me by fixing another box for me. I gratefully accepted that offer and I GOT THE BOX!! (only took a week!) Here's what they sent me and I am so excited about all these new items! (I also asked for no jewelry because I have tons!) But this is also the most expensive box that I have ever received.

 They usually send out outfit cards and a message card on what they did to style you and whatnot. I love the cards!

First Top! Niko Texture Detail Tie-Neck Blouse in yellow!
I love this top, so Spring like and I love the color. It will go with a lot of bottoms that I have.

 This is the Emi Marled knit Short-Sleeve Top in black.
This top is super soft!! i love the way it feels.

Sold Design lab Mylee tulip Hem Skinny Jean
I have to say, this is really really really nice! the fabric is super soft, fits on perfectly, makes my butt look good and the bottom of the jeans are tulip hemmed, so its a great detail. It is kind of expensive though.

(wearing my new wedges! lol) This is Sanctuar Elora Princess Seam Sheath Dress  
Super soft again and the quality is there. Fits well. My waist is very small so the waist part of this dress is loose. Fits everywhere else. I would like to get this dress but not sure if I have places to wear this (I wear scrubs to work lol).

 Last item in the box, Pomelo Chaplin Hooded Anorak Cargo Jacket.
Super cute, spring jacket definitely because its kind of thin. Very casual. I have so many jackets though or else I would totally keep this item. 
So.. I really want to buy all of them. And with stitch fix the $20 styling fee that you pay for the box goes towards any item that you purchase. PLUS, if you get the whole box, you get extra 25% off of the total. 
However, like I said earlier, this the most expensive fix box I have gotten. Usually the total would be around $150, but this box with all the discounts and 20$ off, its still $292 for me. 
If you get someone to sign up stitch fix then you get $25 credit.. too bad I dont have anyone signing up yet. What do you guys think? What should I keep?

If you decided to try the stitch fix subscription, it would be awesome if you just try it, click Here to have me as your referral. No disappointment! :P


  1. Oh I love the first two shirts and the dress! In the dress if you put a belt around your waist that will help get rid of the extra room. (I have the same problem and it normally works for me unless there is just too much room)

    1. i ended up keeping the yellow shirt and the black pants. i LOVED the dress but i also have something similar to that in my closet somewhere lol. now i can't wait for my next box!