Sunday, April 20, 2014

Couples Massage & Happy Easter

After a long week of work, Blake and I finally have some alone time and went for our first couple massage yesterday. I worked 4 days this week and just felt like I have been to the hospital every single day and I am so tired of going there. But I do have this weekend off and I got this couples massage coupon on Groupon.
The place is like a hole-in-the-wall kind of place. You could tell they were like starting their own business. Anyway, The masseuse I had was pretty good. He really knew what bothered me even though I said I have little stress (what a lie lol!). As soon as he touched me he said, "wow you are so built up from stress. Its ok to let go and cry once in a whlie". Then he went on saying "do you sleep on the left side? and curl up in a ball too? and clench your teeth?".. the answer was "yes, yes, and yes". and he then proceeded to try to break out the knots I have on my left side. Anywho, when I looked over to see how Booboo Bear is doing, he was enjoying his massage and I finally got to relax a little bit. The massages lasted for about an hour and half. We felt relaxed but I still feel the knots. I am sure they are better though.
Yesterday we went to our friend's house for his b-day celebration. I got into makeup and fashion mode, of course. So here's my makeup.

yup, red lips since I haven't been able to wear them since winter. Did my make up with neutral browns. I kinda liked it. 

Here's my outfit idea that I got off pinterest.
 Excuse the mess on the side table there. Was bringing my drink with me lol And the cat haha
Top: Denim Top from ross (like $10 or something)
Bottom: Yellow Jeans from Francesca's (got them BOGO)
Shoes: I am not sure, I think the clearance rack from DSW. ($25~)
Accessory: white flower necklace from Forever 21 ($10)
 My baby <3

Anyways, hope you all had a great Easter! Praise the Lord! :D

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