Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Food: Easy Crescent Pepperoni Roll-Ups

So I love making food. Baking, cooking, Crock-pot-ing (if that's cooking), anything. I feel like a woman when I do and I love it when Blake enjoys my cooking because he is a very picky eater. There's a feeling of satisfaction there. :3
So yesterday I decided to follow this pinterest recipe Easy Crescent Pepperoni Roll-ups.
I love Pillsbury anything and they make baking so easy. 
This is how the pin looks like:
I used exactly what it has in the ingredients other than the sauce ( i don't know what that is). I got the butter crescent and it is so good. although sometimes I am not in the mood for pepperoni, so maybe next time I'll stuff something else. 

 Here's how mine look like

Oh! other than eating though, blake and I got pre-approved for a house loan! We have just started to look at houses and gotten an agent. Getting pre-approved obviously is a big step (so says everyone) because it makes things easier. So we have been just saving houses to our "favorites listings" on our profile so we can go check them on one weekend. Really hoping we will have a new house to move into by December! :D

ciao yall!


  1. 3 ingredients and an easy recipe? You had me at hello.

  2. looks so yummy and easy to do! im gonna have to try this one with my daughter!!! and congrats on the pre-approval on your home loan! enjoy the house hunting as that is the fun part!

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    1. it is yummy! and you can use other ingredients instead of the pepperoni!
      and thank you! house hunting is also kind of stressful :P

  3. Omg these look AMAZING-- and so easy! Definitely have to try them soon. Awesome blog!

    Xo, Amanda Kathryn