Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Half French Braid Ponytail

I love playing around with hair and my hair used to be all the way past my waist. December a half a year ago I decided to cut my hair to a medium bob 

Anyways, i am glad my hair is finally starting to grow a little bit more and I get to style it. I learned this half french braid pony tail through The small things blog. She has some really awesome hair tutorials (over hundred) and they are all really cute.
Here's the hair tutorial and since my hair is longer than hers, I just pulled it to the side but you can wear it directly behind your neck too. I think I'll probably buy a better hair teaser (? lol) and curl my hair next time to give more volume.
didn't have my good camera with me. i was on the way to work~

I am excited to try more hair styles from her that's for sure! :D
Also always include pictures from supernatural! <3

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