Thursday, April 10, 2014

Make up and workout

So I had another day off yesterday (I am working tonight and tomorrow night so I probably will not post for a couple of day). Anyways, I woke up and went to have lunch with booboo bear during his lunch break. Then I decided I wanted to do some colorful makeup tutorial. I am still playing with the whole filming thing so its all trial shoot. Feel free to leave comments on how to make it better :)
Its kind of hard to see the color of the eyes because of the lighting (just like the last one, but this time its too bright lol)
I took some pictures in hope to see it better 

after a fun time putting on makeup and stuff, bear and I went to the gym to workout. We both are those who likes to stay fit, except he's a lazier than I am and I'll have to convince to go. plus its only 3 days a week! (because I work 3 nights a week, its like working 4 days for me since I have to sleep during the day). Anyways, yesterday was leg day, which consists of squats, still deadlifts, calves and whatnot. I usually have my own workout routine but I have recently decided to follow his in hopes to make myself stronger lol. 
I have always worked out and I didn't know my limits so I usually squat body weight or just 30 lb bar and do 3 sets of 20 or something like that. But Booboo bear challenged me and said I could do more. We initially started off with 95lbs but it was too heavy. When you do weights its good to find where you should start by adding or subtracting weights. We found a happy weight of 75lbs. I still need to work on my form since I am so not used to squatting that much weight, but I am getting there. I do feel like I am getting stronger though lol. summer is coming and its not that I am overweight or anything, I just want to look a little bit more toned but just skin and bones. 

Anywho, Here's a picture of Issac the cat being bored while I was doing my makeup tutorial lol


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