Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Beginning

I have finally decided to start writing blogs again.
I have written blogs on Xanga before, like wayyy long ago in high school when it was so popular like MySpace. However, Xanga is for kids :P
I decided to write a new blog to share my life with everyone. Now that I am working 3 nights a week (if I am lucky and don't get called in to work) I have more free time on my hands :3
A little of what this blog is going to be:
its not going to be strictly on one thing, not recipes, not clothes, not TV shows.. It is going to about EVERYTHING. I love fashion, make up, workout, youtube videos, 9gag fun stuff, cooking, etc. I will be posting about my life and what I find interesting.
I know Starting a new blog will not be easy and followers only come if they feel attracted to your blog and that you are writing something that they find interesting. I would love inputs and comments and even recommendations and suggestions on what you want me to write about (opinion wise ;) ).

I have also starting subscribing monthly boxes ever since I started my new career. I subscribe to boxes like Ipsy, Stitich Fix, FiveFour club (recently decided to cancel because it is for my boyfriend and he only wants Express lol), Birchbox, Graze Snacks, and sometimes I'll check out Golden tote (its not monthly, although you check back every month to see what they have to offer). I will be posting my subscriptions and what I think and perhaps I may need help with decisions and choices.


Anyways, Enough for today.

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