Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lazy day

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So in the past year I have began to notice that when I work out I will start wheezing and short of breath (mind you I have been working out for about 5-6 years and they are intense workouts). Not only just during workout, sometimes it will just start randomly (not so random now that I know why). I decided to make an appointment to go see the allergist & asthma specialist. First appointment we talked about what happened and he prescribed me an inhaler (It is so inconvenient to me because I never had to use one). He said to use it 30 minutes before workout. I have been using it and it is like magic and I can now understanding how people with asthma attack treat emergency inhalers like gold :3. Anyways, today I went in to have skin allergy test done. I thought it was going to be done on my arms, but it was done of my upper back. I laid on my stomach shirtless while the nurse puts about 73 different allergen drops on my back in rows. Then she poked my skin on where each allergen drops and I wait for 15 minutes. As soon as she's done, I began to itch so bad but I couldn't scratch! it was the longest 15minutes but then I almost fell asleep so I guess I have pretty high tolerance for itchiness and pain lol. 

Nurse came back and she said, "oh my gosh. You are so allergic to a lot of things!" she then started writing down what they were and said, " i might as well check off everything". lol So after she finishes and puts cortisone cream one (YES!) doctor came in and talked to me. Pretty much on what I have (exercise induced asthma), and how I get episodic hives randomly because allergens accumulates in my body and just outbreaks. It is not fun to know what your body has been doing to you, but now I have to do many other things to keep that from happening such as never clean the cat litter (sorry boo), keep the house clean, take half a pill of antihistamine like zyrtec every night, etc. Its all so new to me but I know what to do....so hopefully it will work. 
So! after the doctor's appointment in the morning I decided to stop by the mall to return stuff and just walk around.. and end up buying stuff.

Got this cute floral tank top from Forever 21 and it was less than $6!!! Then I saw these cute earrings for about $1.50-$4.00 each so I got them! 
The white floral necklace was about $6 as well! cute buy and I can't wait to wear the top with either white pants of shorts! a cute spring/summer outfit. :D
 lol Isaac the cat really like my shirt.

 I got these really cute minty seafoam green leather wedges from Francesca's! the shoes and handbags were 25% today! I couldn't resist. They were so comfortable and will match everything!
Although I really hoped that they have them in brown but I'll do with these

 Issac the cat smelling my shoes -------->

Then I stopped by Ulta because I wanted to buy some bronzer then I saw that they have Cargo on sale for 50% off!!! They were trying to make shelf room for some other brand so I am taking this opportunity to buy some nice make up. I got the Cargo HD CC cream! I love this because it matches your skin color (although it is medium) but it matches all medium toned skin color. I think my undertone is a little darker and I get tanned really easily so this is perfect. Then I got the Cargo Bronzer. I dont own any bronzer but I recently got really addicted into looking @ bronzers. These look so awesome and the make up sales associate helped me. I was going for Physician's formula bronzer and she said they are not as pigments and they are really glittery. I'm gonna give this a try and maybe make a make up tutorial video with the product in it!

Overall, pretty relaxing day and just going to stay home and do some laundry then workout tonight!
How is your day going so far??


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