Saturday, April 5, 2014

Everyday soft look make up tutorial

Hello Everyone,
So today I decided to make my very first video on make up. It took a long time and lighting was really not that great. But i have found some tips to make videos better so I can better improve myself. I guess you just have to learn from scratch when you have never done these kinds of things before. :P

 It was really hard to see how the makeup looked in the video so i took some pictures. I also realize that most people do a little heavier make up on their tutorial videos. However, like I said this is a everyday soft makeup look. Feel free to add some false eyelashes to tone up the look and make the smoky eye a little darker :)

So after 5 hours of editing and fiddling around the movie maker, here the final product.
 First Makeup tutorial (click on this for the video)

So today Blake and I and our good friends went to the Movie Tavern in Suwanee (a place where you can order good food, sit in good leather seats and watch good movies) and saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
It was SO good!!! I love marvel movies and I LOVE action movies. I never want to watch chick flicks in the theater and maybe sometimes comedy, just because watching movies on a huge screen is only worth it for action movies, right?
Although Thor remains the first place in my heart, Captain is working his way up there. Blake said that Captain is an ideal man to bring home to your parents. lol. too funny.
If you have seen the movie, what did you think? :)

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